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When is comes to nude Latina stars, Penelope Cruz has a body that is on par with the hottest of Spanish women. Right up there with J-Lo, Eva Mendes, Salma Hayek, etc.. Ok, maybe not quite on Salma Hayek’s level, but pretty damn close. She has nice perky tits, a great bubble butt, and an accent to that makes me feel kinda gooey inside. I’m not sure where she’s been lately, but it’s about time she made another movie. Soon. And hopefully she is kind enough to throw in a nude scene or two.

Penelope Cruz Bikini

Penelope Crus Nude Paparazzi

Penelope Cruz Beach Bikini


That’s right Lindsay, bend over for daddy. It’s nice to see that Lindsay Lohan has put a little meat back on her bones. Her ass is looking very healthy these days. It seems like just yesterday that she was looking like Skeletor on crack. I can’t imagine the disgust I would have felt if her nude photo shoot  had taken place during that anorexic time period. If you haven’t yet seen the post I made of her nude photos, click here. One of the greatest (and unexpected) sets of nudes in the history of the world.

Lindsay Lohan Ass Paparazzi


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Mena Suvari has been showing off her bubble butt quite a bit lately. She has a perfect ass and she knows it. Oh, the things I would do to her if I had the chance. She went from being the innocent cheerleader type to shaving off her hair, getting tons of tattoos, and showing off her assets in a sexy thong bikini. She has sported a thong more than once recently. I’ll have to dig up the pics for you guys to see for yourself. They are nothing short of spectacular. Boy does that ass in a thong make me drool. Sorry, I can’t help but repeat myself. The butt is that sexy to me.


Jennifer Aniston has a great ass that keeps getting sexier with age. It’s nice and bubbly. Just the way a butt should be. She decided to show off this great ass to the paparazzi recently at a beach resort that I’m sure us ‘normal’ people could never afford. Her bikini probably cost more than the entire outfit I am wearing right now. I’m still waiting for the day that she does an all out nude scene. That day can’t be too far away. Her career has been taking a dive as of late and what better way to resurrect it than to get completely nude in front of the camera. It worked for Halle Berry.

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Who knew that Kate Hudson has such a great ass? I didn’t. It makes me just want to take a bite out of it, and I’m not even hungry. She needs to pull more of these thong bikinis out of the closet because she makes them look great! It even makes me forget that I may have bigger tits than her. I’m a butt man anyway.

Kate Hudson Thong Bikini

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Watch out Sienna Miller. Your panties are falling down. Whoever is pulling her up is one lucky guy. Sienna has a beautiful ass and I’m sure he got an eyeful of it. He should have gotten a handful of her top on the way up for double the pleasure. I’m sure her tits are as nice as her butt.

Sienna Miller Ass

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Drew Barrymore has probably has 300 boyfriends in here lifetime. Every time I see her, she has a new man. Which means there are alot of lucky men in the world. She makes this bikini look damn good. Looks like she has lost some weight. Her new guy is Justin Long, the actor from such classics as Waiting (if you haven’t seen this, you’re missing out), Die Hard With A Vengeance, and Accepted. It’s amazing what kind of ass you can get just from being famous and funny. Look at Jim Carey. Famous, funny and getting the best pieces of ass in Hollywood.

Drew Barrymore Bikini

Drew Barrymore Bikini Ass

Drew Barrymore NudeDrew Barrymore Bikini With Justin Long


What on earth has this girl done to her hair? I hope that this is for a part in a movie and not because she has turned into a full blown lesbian. That would be a horrible nightmare and ruin all of my topless American Beauty fantasies. Where would I be then? Or maybe she idolizes Britney Spears and thought that crazy baldness was the only way to her heart. Who knows.

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