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Exposing celebrity nipples are what Celeb Xray Pics are all about. Celeb nipple slips are great but you have to wait for the star to have an oops nip slip moment in front of the paparazzi and, even when that happens, you have no choice of which famous nipples will be exposed. Using the celebrity x-ray method, you can always see all of your favorite celebrities nude. And these are the real deal. Not fakes. You can be assured that the nudity is spot on. If Jessica Simpson were nude , standing right in front of you (I wish!), she would look the same naked in person as she does in the xray photos. Only lighting and hues have been altered to achieve the see through effect. These see through celeb pics are truly amazing. You’ll be addicted to them in the same way that I am.

Here are some celebrity see through xrays from my own personal collection. If you’d like to view my entire collection, visit Celeb Xray Pics. As always, it’s 100% FREE. (You’ll need a credit card to verify your age, but it WILL NOT be charged. Ever.)

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I just spent some time making nude celebrity thumb galleries and I thought it was only right to share these naked celeb pics with you guys and gals.

elisha cuthbert bubble butt bikiniCheck out the Elisha Cuthbert nude pics gallery, featuring the 24 star in various sexy bikini outfits, as well as a celebrity oops pic moment when poor Elisha has a nipple slip accident right in front of the paparazzi. You’ll also find quite a bit of see through pokies pictures as it seems that Elisha’s nipples were determined to pose nude for the paparazzi.

Visit my Elisha Cuthbert bikini pics gallery with nipple pokies and nip slip photos.


heidi montag bubble butt in a thongWatch ‘The Hills’ on MTV? Neither do I. I do know enough about the show to know that Heidi Montag is on it and that she’ll become a very sexy nude celebrity if she takes Playboy up on their million dollar offer to pose nude for them. In the meantime, enjoy my Heidi Montag nude bikini thumbnail gallery which includes lots of bikini pics that show off her hot body and some that also show off sexy see through nipple pokies.

Visit my Heidi Montag bikini pics thumb gallery with lots of nipple pokie pictures of her big tits and some great shots of her thick bubble butt.


lindsay lohan see thru bra and nipplesNext up is a Lindsay Lohan nude pics gallery. She isn’t completely naked, like she was when she posed for her nude photos spread in New York magazine, but close. There are loads of see through nipple pics here, with Lindsay sporting several outfits of see through clothing. You’ll also find some nipple pokie thumbs as well as an oops pic featuring a side boob shot of Lindsay Lohan’s nude tits.

Visit my Lindsay Lohan nude gallery and get your fill of see through clothing pictures, nip pokies, and a famous celeb oops pic of Lindsay. Be sure to check out the Celeb Xray Pics link in the gallery for some Super Enhanced versions of the see thru photos. Don’t worry, it’s free to sign up.


hilary duff see through topAnd that brings us to a Hilary Duff pokies thumb gallery. We all know that Hilary is pretty much a good girl compared to some of the young sluts in Hollywood, but the paparazzi managed to snag some great shots of her nice thick ass. They were also able to get some nipple poke bikini pics and there are a couple in which she is wearing lingerie and gives a panty flash.

Visit my Hilary Duff nipple pokies thumb gallery and get your hands on some awesome paparazzi candid pictures of her, bending over in skin tight sweats, showing off her perky bubble butt. Be sure to check out the pokies and panty thumbs as well. Oops, I almost forgot to mention that there is an exposed areola pic too.


nicole richie thick bubble butt in pantiesLast but not least is the Nicole Richie nude thumbs gallery. There are some nice round bubble butt pics of Nicole in skin tight Spandex. You’ll find half naked pics of her in a bikini. In some, she looks coked out, and in others she gives Pam Anderson a run for her money with big boobs and a thick ass. There is also a Nicole Richie topless photo that was taken while on a runway during her wilder days. Also, a nice paparazzi celeb pic of her getting her ass grabbed while wearing a skimpy bikini.

Visit my Nicole Richie nude pics gallery. A thick ass in tights, bikini thumbs, and a topless pic awaits you. Throw in a celebrity oops picture that shows a side shot of her entire boob and, I’d say that is a pretty nice group of nude celebrity pictures.


I have written too much. My fingers are numb. I hope you enjoy these nude celebrity galleries and had a little fun with them. :wink wink: Be sure to check out the Celebrity X-Ray links that are posted in each of the galleries. There are some truly amazing nude celeb photos there that you have to see to believe. So, see for yourself the site that everyone is talking about and visit Celeb Xray Pics.


Ellen Pompeo has very friendly nipples it seems. It’s almost as if they are waving at us.
Perky tits begging to be freed in all of their nudity. There isn’t one piece of this woman’s anatomy that I wouldn’t mind getting a peek at. Sorry, I had to throw in the lame Grey’s Anatomy reference or I couldn’t have looked at myself in the mirror in the morning. Please tell me that she has done a nude scene already? If she has, I must see her naked body on the screen.

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Ellen Pompeo Nipple Pokies
Ellen Pompeo Nipple See Through
Ellen Pompeo Nude Nipples

Christy Hemme has a body to die for. I remember the first time I saw her and imagining her nude on my bed with her perfect naked bubble butt in the air and her perky tits bouncing back and forth. I’m not sure what she is up to these days. I saw some Playboy pics of her awhile back but nothing since. If anyone out there has some pics of her that they’d like to share, just let me know.


Christy Hemme Nude

Christy Hemme Naked


What are Celebrity See Through X-Ray Pics? They are actual photos that have been digitally enhanced using filters on popular popular photo editing software such as PhotoShop. These are not fakes. The nudity is real. Only lighting and hue levels have been changed in order to “see through” the clothing and create this amazing effect. Now you can see all of your favorite celebs nude!

Lindsay Lohan See Through X-Ray Tits

I have personally collected tons of pictures like this and now I’ve finally uploaded them all into one site. The site is 100% FREE and always will be. All you have to do is verify your age.

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Oh, the things that are possible with Photoshop. I just love using the techniques needed to create a celebrity xray picture. Keep in mind that these are really Lindsay Lohan’s tits. This is what they really look like. This is not a fake with her head attached to another body or another set of tits pasted over her body. This is the real deal. Only hues and lighting have been changed to create this awesome effect. To actually see through her clothing. This must be what it feels like to be Superman! I have a personal collection of these see through xray pics that you have to see. See all of your favorite stars just as nude as if they really took of their clothes. Celebrities that you’d never in a million years see nude otherwise. Stars like Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, and so many more! The site is 100% free and always will be. All you have to do is verify your age.


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You may remember Ryan Starr as a finalist on American Idol in season one and a member of one of the seasons of The Surreal Life on VH1. The one where she dissed thatn pansy Jordan Knight from New Kids On the Block. If not, you’ll remember her after seeing her spectacular ass in these pics. She truly wears fishnet stockings well. She doesn’t have much of a career these days I don’t believe, so a spread in Playboy doesn’t seem out of the question.


Ryan Starr Nude Fishnet Stockings

Ryan Starr Ass In Fishnet Stockings


Finally, the day has come. Lindsay Lohan has taken off her clothes in front of a camera. Yeah, that’s right, topless. Well, technically Lindsay Lohan has gotten completely nude in front of a camera now. I couldn’t be happier. I knew it was coming eventually but not this soon. Lucky us to be able to see it while she’s still in her prime.

Lindsay Lohan Topless

Lindsay Lohan Nude

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