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Mena Suvari has been showing off her bubble butt quite a bit lately. She has a perfect ass and she knows it. Oh, the things I would do to her if I had the chance. She went from being the innocent cheerleader type to shaving off her hair, getting tons of tattoos, and showing off her assets in a sexy thong bikini. She has sported a thong more than once recently. I’ll have to dig up the pics for you guys to see for yourself. They are nothing short of spectacular. Boy does that ass in a thong make me drool. Sorry, I can’t help but repeat myself. The butt is that sexy to me.


Who knew that Kate Hudson has such a great ass? I didn’t. It makes me just want to take a bite out of it, and I’m not even hungry. She needs to pull more of these thong bikinis out of the closet because she makes them look great! It even makes me forget that I may have bigger tits than her. I’m a butt man anyway.

Kate Hudson Thong Bikini

Kate Hudson Ass Thong

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Rebecca Romijn is amazing!To quote the catchphrase from the character of John Stamos on Full House, ‘Have Mercy!’. What in the hell was Uncle Jesse thinking letting this ass go? There are very few bubble butts in the world that are this perfect. Her tits aren’t too bad either, but that butt is just awe inspiring. I just want to crawl up inside that skirt and do some things that I could never tell my mother. Yup yup.

Rebecca Romijn Upskirt Ass

Rebecca Romijn Bubble Butt


Asia Agento woke up horny in her hotel this morning and went to the beach on a mission! Her tits just cant contain themselves as they plop out of her bathing suit, giving a free topless show to all the eligible beach bachelors. Once she got their attention, her firm round ass bursting from her thong just reeled them in, and the position on all fours just sealed the deal! Hmmm, too bad our paparazzi couldn’t get his cameras past security…its gonna be one rough-riding afternoon for the horny actress and her eager catch!

Asia Argento topless tits at beach

Asia Argento's ass in a thong


Charlize Theron, caught by a lucky paparazzi in her skanky thong at the beach!! Maybe in preparation for a raunchy doggie-style session?! I mean, who wants tan lines grazing the curves of that sun-kissed bouncing booty, right? She’s just asking for a good fuck as she bends over and sticks out that hot sweaty little ass. Someone’s about to get lucky in MEXICO!!

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