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The Kardashian kuties were caught (if you could even call it that) by our Paparazzi strutting their oh-so-yummy stuff on the beach last Saturday, and boy did these “reality show” actresses put on a show for us! The two “sex me” girls were well aware of the cameras and the paparazzi, and were far from shy…in fact, one of the camera men reported feeling as though the girls were “wet for the limelight”. These sexy attention whores even did all the work: striking revealing poses at the most seductive angles and deciding to take a stroll right in the path of the paparazzi’s flashes. The guys didn’t even have to move to get what they wanted!… Hmmm, appealing traits in such lusted after women. No one could help but drool at those pillow perfect pairs of tits swinging and bouncing by. And their tight pussy mounds could even be seen peeking from between their firm thighs barely covered by those damn bikini bottoms. Although both ladies are head turners, everyone was really waiting and hoping for little sis Kourtney Kardashian to be tan-line-a-phobic and take off her bikini top to tan. After all, playmate Kim Kardashian already gave her camera nudity cherry to Mr. Hefner back in December of 2007. Plus, Everyone appreciates pussy thats at least a little bit of a challenge to get, right? It was shocking how easily Kim was talked into posing nude for Hugh after being completely adament about the morality of staying clothed before the shoot. But maybe these sisters’ inherent need for sexual attention has something to do with their mother’s inability to instill an ounce of humility or self-respect in her daughters. Someone needs to tell that woman she’s not her daughters sister and should stop trying to appear to be in public. That said, no one can deny Kourtney and Kim Kardashian should shake what their mama did give them, anytime they please.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Bikini Babes

Kardashian sisters Sexy Beach Bodies

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